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Ranger Captains: Faramir™, Madril & Damrod

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Faramir™ commands the elite garrison of Rangers of Ithilien, alongside his loyal aide-de-camps Madril and Damrod. All are veterans of many conflicts with the Orcs of Mordor. As Sauron’s armies continue to grow in strength, these valiant heroes strike from the shadows to cut off the continuous streams of reinforcements travelling through the territory they are tasked with protecting.

As well as being dead-eye archers themselves, these three Ranger Captains serve as excellent leader options to accompany warbands of Rangers of Gondor.

The set contains three metal miniatures – Faramir™, Madril and Damrod, supplied with 3 Citadel 25mm Round Bases. Their rules can be found in Armies of The Lord of The Rings™.