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Arch-Lord Discordant's Spearhead Detachment

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The Lord Discordant is the ideal HQ choice for Chaos players who love Daemon Engines, capable of restoring their lost wounds and enhancing their already ferocious fighting abilities. This bundle allows you to use the Lord Discordant’s abilities to the max, pairing him with an infernal host of other Daemon Engines with a huge variety of skills. Collectively, you’ll be able to pelt enemies with a hail of infernal firepower, before closing in for a crushing melee. Fitting neatly into a Spearhead Detachment, this bundle is a great addition to any Chaos collection.

This bundle contains:

1x Vex Machinator, Arch-Lord Discordant
1x Heldrake
1x Maulerfiend
1x Defiler
1x Forgefiend