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Battlezone: Fronteris – Battlefield

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You've read the Warhammer 40,000 rules, assembled your models, and painted them beautifully. Now, you just need somewhere for them to fight. These boards bring the arid, debris-strewn wastelands of the Fronteris setting to your tabletop, providing you with the perfect setting to prove the dominance of your forces – and yourself as a general.

This box contains two boards, each measuring 30" by 22.4" (76cm x 56.8cm). Each board is 1.5mm thick, can be folded into eighths for easy transport, and is double-sided, featuring different art on each side. These boards can be easily combined to create larger battlefields – one set is perfect for Combat Patrol or Incursion games of up to 1000 points, while two sets can be put together for Strike Force games of up to 2000 points, and three sets are ideal for Onslaught games of up to 3000 points.