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British & Canadian Army (1943-45) Starter Army

British & Canadian Army (1943-45) Starter Army

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Containing no less than 36 highly customizable plastic infantry, supplemented by weapons teams, transports and a Churchill tank (itself highly customizable as you can build any one of seven variants) this boxed set gives you a highly effective and balanced starting force for a British or Canadian army.


  • 36 British or Canadian Infantry (plastic)
  • British Army MMG team (metal)
  • British Army medium mortar team (metal)
  • British Army 6-pounder anti-tank gun (metal)
  • Universal Carrier including passenger figures (plastic)
  • Churchill infantry tank (plastic)
  • Stat Cards, Bases, Decals, Assembly Leaflets and Vehicle Damage Markers

Model supplied unassembled and unpainted

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