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Citadel Brushes

Citadel Brushes

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We’ve spent countless hours thinking about how to help you achieve the best results possible when painting your miniatures. It’s an important part of the hobby, to some the most important, and this brush range has been carefully designed from the ground up to complement the Citadel Paint System in every way, allowing you to quickly and easily apply basecoats, layers, shades and glazes in a way that will produce results you’ll love showing off.

The Complete Citadel Brush Kit includes the following:
-Four brushes for basecoats (S, M, L and XL Base),
-Two brushes for shading (M and L Shade),
-Three brushes for drybrushing (S, M and L Dry),
-Two brushes for layering (S and M Layer),
-Three brushes for fine details (XS, S and M Artificer),
-One brush for glazing (M Glaze),
-Two brushes for painting scenery (M and L Scenery),
-One tool for texture effects (M Texture).

The Essential Citadel Brush Selection includes the following:
-Two brushes for basecoating (M and L Base),
-One brush for shading (M Shade),
-Two brushes for layering (S and M Layer),
-One brush for drybrushing (M Dry),
-One tool for texture effects (M Texture).

The Artificer Brush Collection are the best brushes money can buy, made from the highest-quality sable hair and designed to help you achieve results you wouldn’t have thought you were capable of. This bundle gets you three, in XS, S and M sizes - a set of the greatest layering brushes.

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