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Goblin King & Retinue

Goblin King & Retinue

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Across The Misty Mountains and beyond, there are scores of small Goblin holds – survivors of the wars against the Dwarves. Each stronghold is ruled over by a tyrant of some kind – Goblin-town is ruled by perhaps the greatest of the Goblin lords. He is called The Goblin King, and he brooks no trespassers into his foul realm.

This set of plastic Goblins, led by the infamous Goblin King, are wiry and misshapen creatures that are covered in boils and clutching crude, primitive weapons. The Goblin King is an immense figure with phenomenal jowls, a toothed crown, and huge arms – the knuckles of one drag along the ground, and the fist at the end of the other holds aloft a timber pick.

The Goblin Scribe sits within a sling, his withered legs dangling before him, clutching a parchment and board. The Goblin Captain is even shorter than normal goblins (the smaller they are, the tougher they look) and displays a ferocious, snarling expression. Finally Grinnah the Goblin, the Goblin King's lieutenant, is armed with a barbed scourge and a primitive dagger. Plenty of extra details are included, with The Goblin King’s throne featuring an unpleasant waste bucket, and piles of looted bags and weapons belonging to Thorin’s Company.
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