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Guards of the Fountain Court

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The Guard of the Fountain Court are selected from the most disciplined of veterans in all of Gondor, swearing to give their lives in service to the lords of Minas Tirith. Too few in number to form their own regiments upon the battlefield Fountain Court Guards instead act as body guards and commanders shoring up weaknesses in Gondor's defences through their unfailing example.

Each of the Guards of the Fountain Court in this kit is notable for their helmets, which feature distinctive feathered crests on either side. In their long, rippling cloaks and robes, they stand defiantly clutching spears. They also wear a layer of chainmail and an armoured breastplate revealing the White Tree of Gondor.

This resin cast kit contains 8 components and a sprue of 4 25mm round bases with which to make 4 Guards of the Fountain Court.