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In a world where war has become the standard and peace is just a myth. The iron city has known hell and its remains are still the theater of fierce fighting.

This collection will be a very versatile addition to your gaming tables, with its very characteristic look, it blends in a Steampunk environment as well as in a dark future universe.

The demolished warehouse will provide an excellent cover to your advancing troops as it has no windows on the first floor. You can still take advantage of this piece as it is the tallest building to this day.

This piece will be useful to add a little design to other elements of your collection.

Be careful when you start cutting MDF, it is very resistant when you use the wrong tools and it is easy to get injured.

Sold unassembled and unpainted, figurines and accessories such as vegetation are not included. This kit has no packaging.

Batteries not included and not required.

SKU: XLK01909008
0.23 kg, 20.00 x 3.00 x 28.00 cm
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