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LOTHLÓRIEN™ Elf Commanders

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The Stormcallers of the Galadhrim have a natural affinity with nature, using this to control the elements and the environment around them. Able to summon the wind to do their will and enchant the blades of their allies to find the weaknesses in the armour of their foes, the Stormcallers of the Galadhrim are an invaluable asset of the Golden Wood.

The Wood Elves of Lórien dwell on the outskirts of the wood acting as scouts and the first line of defence. Yet unlike the Galadhrim warriors plated in golden armour, the Wood Elves prefer to don forest-coloured robes to blend into their woodland surroundings. This enables them to ambush their enemies, firing from hidden groves rather than meeting their foes in open war – a tactic that has led to many victories for the Elves of Lothlórien.

Lead and supplement your force of Wood Elves with this flexible combination of Heroes and banner-bearing Warrior. A Wood Elf Captain makes a superb warband leader, while a Stormcaller offers formidable magical support. Meanwhile, including a banner will help to give your highly skilled Wood Elf Warriors the edge once combat is joined in earnest.

This set contains three metal Lórien Elf Commanders: 1x Wood Elf Captain with Elf bow, 1x Galadhrim Stormcaller, and 1x Wood Elf Warrior with Banner. Each model is supplied with an appropriate base.

These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints.