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This Week's Slaanesh Pre-orders

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If you’ve been patiently awaiting the return of the Dark Prince, then this bundle is everything you’ve been waiting for! From a new Greater Daemon, a host of deadly new characters and the Slaaneshi units that were previously only available in the Wrath and Rapture battlebox, this bundle has you covered.

The bundle includes the following multipart plastic sets:

- 1 Fane of Slaanesh
- 1 Keeper of Secrets (can instead be assembled as Shalaxi Helbane)
- 1 Syll’Esske, the Vengeful Alliance
- 1 The Contorted Epitome
- 1 The Masque
- 1 Fiends (includes 3 miniatures)
- 1 Infernal Enrapturess