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Wildmen of Dunland™

Wildmen of Dunland™

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The Wildmen are outcasts, even among their own people. They live in the most isolated and bleak areas of Dunland in scrofulous settlements where they bitterly lament the lands they have lost. When Saruman's call to war is answered by Dunland, these dishevelled hillsmen flocked to the ranks with vicious enthusiasm.

Though they may appear little more than a mob, the Wildmen of Dunland fight with a skill born of desperation – and will battle all the harder against the hated people of Rohan. Six are armed with swords, while the others all carry two-handed axes. They make excellent options for bolstering an elite force of Uruk-hai with additional numbers.

The set contains 12 metal Wildmen of Dunland miniatures, each supplied with a Citadel 25mm Round Base. Their rules can be found in Armies of The Lord of The Rings™.
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